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    DUSL Members


    Over a span of 51 years DUSL has relied on the generous volunteer time that our members have given to our recreational program. A program designed to introduce kids to the game of soccer, allow for new friendships, and allow kids a venue for physical health.


    We have relied on our members to to fill coaching positions so that we have enough resources for our players, to create soccer teams. With the rapid growth of the Dublin community, this year we find ourselves in need of additional coaches, and this is where we need your support. If you were an assistant coach, team manager, team volunteer or even a parent that loves to be around kids....DUSL NEEDS YOU! 


    You do not need experience, or a coaching background, and you do not need to be athletic. All you need to volunteer is time. We will help you with everything else. 


    We need you to take a coaching position so we do not have to disband teams. We will help you with training, resources, support and instruction. All you have to do is accept the coaching position and let us help you to provide a successful year for a group of Dublin kids. 


    If you can help, PLEASE reach out to Tyrone Tuell at or text him at 925- 570-0000


    Email Communication

    Please pardon the we upgrade our email systems. Over the course of last week and going forward for the next two weeks, DUSL will be working on the email system that we currently use. This may cause a delay in some email communications to our members. If you have an urgent matter feel free to call any field director by phone or text. Contact information can be found on the "Contact Us" tab at the top off our home page.

    Please bare with us as we improve our systems, and we thank you for your support.. 


    DUSL women's head coach Amber King has been hired as the new Women's Varsity Soccer Head Coach at Dublin High School. This promotion continues the long term DUSL strategy of aligning soccer resources in the city of Dublin, to provide a fluid and continuous soccer experience for our players. We are very excited to see DHS and DUSL aligned in our soccer vision and want to congratulate Amber King for her assignment. 

    Please join us in wishing her the very best in her new position. 

    Where in the world is DUSL?

    DUSL represented at PGA West in Palm Springs

    The month of June is our cooling off period for all DUSL players. We urge families to take a break, take family vacations and spend the start of summer relaxing before the teams come together in July, to begin competitive and recreational soccer play. 

    We realize that most families take vacations, mini vacations, weekend getaways or just extended trips during this period of the year, and we want to be included...

    Introducing the 2019 "Where in the World is DUSL"  contest. As you take your vacations we would love to see where you are, and what you're doing. To participate all you have to do is:

    • Take a selfie with any DUSL gear on.
    • Try to include an image that symbolize's where you are. If you're at Yosemite put trees in the background, Las Vegas? show the hotels. Cabo? Let's see some sand. Paris? Eiffel Tower would be nice. Bakersfield? How about the Buck Owens Crystal Palace?
    • It doesn't matter where you go. It can be around the Bay Area, in California, in other states, or in other countries. We just want to see our DUSL gear worn with pride at your destination location.

    Submit pictures to by July 6th 2019 to be considered. Winners will receive prizes so don't delay, send us these pictures right away. 

    DUSL Alumni Still Representing

    Former DUSL players took part in a beach soccer tournament at Santa Cruz this month. Alumni including Yusef Hamidi, Josh Mendoza, Tony Castillo, Cole Heinbaugh and others played in the annual Snata Cruz Beach Soccer tournament and they still make our retro jerseys look good!

    General Managers Update

    Wow...What an exciting time for DUSL.

    GROWTH. We just finished a historically large player placement process for 2019, and had the largest turnout in DUSL history. Returning DUSL players, new players transitioning from recreation to competitive, players coming to DUSL from other clubs (Tri Valley, Rage, Ballistic, San Ramon, West Coast, Mustang), and players new to the community all came to player placements. This is a great indicator of the growth in the city of Dublin, and its impact to the long term success of DUSL

    COACHES. To ensure we provide a quality product for our competitive players, DUSL has hired a staff of over 20 coaches with a wide variety of coaching experience. We have some tenured coaches, former collegiate players coaching, veteran coaches returning to DUSL, nationally licensed coaches, High School coaches, College coaches and  some new coaches. This means our players will receive some of the most diverse and specialized coaching from the DUSL staff.

    RECREATION. Around the corner is our Recreational registration. We have already started programs to ensure the recreational leagues have all the resources needed to ensure a fun filled 2019 recreational season. Recreational coaches have already attended coaches meetings, had the option for pre paid officials licensing and training. We have created a team selection committee, to get a jump start on team selections for 2019. The next recreational coaches meeting is less than 2 weeks away. 

    SPACE. Did I mention our office? For the first time in our 51 years of existence, DUSL will have an official office for team meetings, coaches meetings, board meetings, and DUSL events. The location is under remodel but will soon be accessible to our membership. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event for DUSL.

    Volunteers. Next week we will open the DIBS program located on this website, for members to fulfill their volunteer hours by helping us with our fireworks booth. We will have many 3 and 6 hour shifts that you can use to get your volunteer deposit back. Please take a look next week and volunteer for a shift or two. Remember once the shifts are filled, we will close this opportunity.

    We hope you are excited as we are about the positive changes going on at DUSL. We look forward to seeing all of you and your families on the soccer pitch soon

    All the Best

    James Fulwiler

    Spirit Day Winners

    DUSL just had spirit day and we had an amazing show of spirit in all of our local schools. Dougherty, Fredericksen, John Green, Wells, and Quarry Lane were all represented! 
    Recreational, Select and Competitive players all showcased their spirit by wearing jerseys, warm ups, tee shirts, hoodies, shorts and bottoms all with DUSL logos on them..And we received some TERRIFIC pictures from our amazing players. We selected SPIRIT winners from the pool of pictures that we received from our membership. 

    Congratulations to our 18 Winners for wearing the DUSL gear to school and submitting the BEST photo's. Each winner will be issued a ForceField DUSL headgear unit valued at $50. Congratulations.


    First  Last
    Kavan Bhatt
    Connor Callan
    Allison Callan
    Giovanni  DiVecchio
    Gabriel Garcia
    David Garcia
    Austin Janakes
    Colton Kramer
    Kierra Kramer
    Vinny Miller
    Leo Miller
    Dominic Miller
    Josh  Nielsen
    Kyle Nielsen
    Mriganka Patil
    Ishan Raj Kamisetty
    Brandon Shumylo
    Ryan Shumylo

    Recreational Meeting #4 for all Rec Coaches, Rec Asst.Coaches and Rec Team Managers

    DUSL will be hosting the 4th meeting for all Recreational Coaches, Recreational Asst. coaches and Recreational team managers. 

    Date will be July 10th

    Location Dublin Civic Center Regional Room

    Time: 7pm - 9pm

    Where in the World is DUSL? Coach John is in Hawaii in DUSL Gear...Aloha!

    Where in the World is DUSL? Elizabeth Uyttewaal 2010G is at Rubicon Train in Lake Tahoe

    Where in the World is DUSL? 2007G Hailee MacLean is at Carmel Ca. with her family

    Where in the World is DUSL?

    Where in the World is DUSL? Elizabeth Uyttewaal 2010G is at Yosemite National Park

    Where in the World is DUSL? Coach Darrel is at Boise State Idaho proudly wearing their DUSL Gear!

    Where in the World is DUSL? Georgia and Liam in Merridean, Idaho proudly wearing their DUSL Gear!

    Where in the World is DUSL? Josh Mendoza, Tony Castillo, Yusef Hamidi are in Santa Cruz wearing DUSL gear!

    Gofundme for Isabella Collins

    Click here to support a helping hand for Bella and Amy Collins. Bella is a long time DUSL player going through a challenging time. Please visit the GoFundMe website for more details and to donate!!

    DUSL Marketing

    DUSL Is Farming for Strawberries

    Spring is here and strawberries are ready!


    Dublin United Soccer League Partners

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing partners and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us!

    Sponsored by US Club Soccer

    US Club Soccer

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    Sponsored by Whole Foods Market

    Whole Foods Market

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    Sponsored by Soccer Pro

    Soccer Pro

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    Sponsored by Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

    Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

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    A huge thank you to our local and neighboring businesses for fundraising with us.  We THANK YOU for your continued support!

    Sponsored by Chipotle Mexican Grill

    Chipotle Mexican Grill

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    Doing good with burritos!

    7020 Amador Plaza Road, Dublin
    Sponsored by On The Border

    On The Border

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    OTB Gives Back!

    4940 Dublin Blvd. Dublin CA
    Sponsored by Dos Coyotes Border Cafe

    Dos Coyotes Border Cafe

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    Dine & Donate!

    3191 Crow Canyon Pl Suite L, San Ramon, CA
    Sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings

    Buffalo Wild Wings

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    Eat Wings, Raise Funds!

    3712 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568