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    DUSL Picture Day Is Around the Corner

    2019 DUSL Picture Day is Saturday, Sept. 21st. 

    Location: Amador Elementary Multi Purpose Room. 2100 E Cantara Dr, Dublin, CA 94568

    NEW THIS YEAR: You choose between our Digital Soccer Background  or Traditional Soccer Field Background.


    You can order online below or pay in person at picture day.

    Please note individual portraits and a team pose portrait will all be captured on Green Screen this year! This means no waiting around for a team photo. The team photo will be composited in Photoshop and will be able to include all players and coaches who get a photo taken, even if they don't attend the scheduled group time. 


    On Picture day players should arrive approximately 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time to allow for time to get checked in. Every player will need to check in at the table to receive a picture card to give to the photographer

    Details are available using the link below

    Team times are listed below

    Picture Time Team
    8:30am 01B Premier
    8:30am 08G Premier
    8:45am 10G Select
    8:45am Rec 2011 B 2
    8:45am Rec 2011 B 7
    9:00am Rec 2012 B 1
    9:00am Rec 2012 B 3
    9:00am Rec 2012 G 1
    9:15am Rec 2004 B
    9:15am Rec 2004 G
    9:15am Rec 2010 B 1
    9:30am Rec 2010 B 2
    9:30am Rec 2014 B 1
    9:30am Rec 2014 B 5
    9:45am Rec 2014 B 6
    9:45am 10B Elite
    9:45am 10B Premier
    10:00am Rec 2011 B 4
    10:00am Rec 2011 B 5
    10:15am 05G Premier
    10:15am 08B Select
    10:15am Rec 2011 B 3
    10:30am Rec 2011 B 6
    10:30am Rec 2006 B
    10:30am Rec 2007 B
    10:45am Rec 2010 B 4
    10:45am Rec 2014 B 2
    10:45am REC 2008 B3 *coach request
    11:00am REC 2006 G
    11:00am REC 2010 G2
    11:15am 06G Premier
    11:15am 11B Premier
    11:15am 09B Premier
    11:30am 03G Premier
    11:30am 08B Premier
    11:30am 06B Premier
    11:45am 08B Elite
    11:45am REC 2010 B 3
    11:45am 06G Elite
    12:00pm REC 2008 G2
    12:00pm 07B Premier
    12:15pm 06B Premier
    12:15pm 03B Premier
    12:15pm REC 2005 B
    12:30pm 04B Elite
    12:30pm 07B Select
    12:30pm 10G Premier
    12:45pm Rec 2013 G 1
    12:45pm Rec 2011 B 1
    12:45pm Rec 2011 B 8
    1:00pm Rec 2012 B 2
    1:00pm Rec 2012 B 4
    1:15pm Rec 2012 G 2
    1:15pm Rec 2012 G 4
    1:15pm Rec 2013 B 3
    1:30pm Rec 2013 B 4
    1:30pm 04B Premier
    1:30pm Rec 2013 B 6
    1:45pm Rec 2013 G 2
    1:45pm Rec 2013 G 3
    1:45pm Rec 2013 G 4
    2:00pm 11B Elite
    2:00pm U8 Junior Select (A Garcia)
    2:15pm Rec 2012 G 3
    2:15pm Rec 2013 B 1
    2:15pm Rec 2013 B 2
    2:30pm Rec 2014 B 3
    2:30pm Rec 2014 B 4
    2:30pm Rec 2014 G 1
    2:45pm Rec 2014 G 2
    2:45pm Rec 2014 G 3
    2:45pm Rec 2014 G 4
    3:00pm REC 2009 B1
    3:00pm REC 2009 B2
    3:15pm REC 2008 B1
    3:15pm REC 2008 B2
    3:15pm REC 2011 G1
    3:30pm REC 2011 G2
    3:30pm REC 2011 G3
    3:30pm REC 2011 G4
    3:45pm REC 2010 G1
    3:45pm REC 2010 G3
    3:45pm REC 2009 G1
    4:00pm REC 2009 G2
    4:00pm REC 2009 G3
    4:15pm REC 2008 G1
    4:15pm REC 2007 G
    4:15pm Rec 2013 B 5
    4:30pm REC 2009 B3


    DUSL Hires a Director of Officials

    Leo Pacheco

    DUSL is proud to announce the hiring of Leo Pacheco into the newly created position of Director of Officials for DUSL.

    Leo will be responsible for all day to day operations of the DUSL officials. He will report to the club General Manager and will continue to guide the evolution of DUSL officials , while helping to create strategic plans for the future of DUSL  

    Congratulations Leo 

    Force Field Head Bands Website

    If you are interested in ordering protective headbands for your player, please visit the Force Field website

    "02" Boys Take 2nd Place

    DUSL "02" Boys played a tournament in Roseville Ca this weekend and took 2nd place. Strong performance from Mitchell Morrison, Cy Alarcon, and JJ Cohen all contributed to a great tournament showing this weekend. 


    DUSL women's head coach Amber King has been hired as the new Women's Varsity Soccer Head Coach at Dublin High School. This promotion continues the long term DUSL strategy of aligning soccer resources in the city of Dublin, to provide a fluid and continuous soccer experience for our players. We are very excited to see DHS and DUSL aligned in our soccer vision and want to congratulate Amber King for her assignment. 

    Please join us in wishing her the very best in her new position. 

    DUSL Recreational Coaches Meeting #6 Canceled

    The Recreational Coaches meeting scheduled for ,  Wednesday, September 18th has been canceled 


    DSG Field Numbers Map

    2019 Recreational DSG Field Numbers Map

    2019 DUSL Shamrock

    DUSL Marketing


    Dublin United Soccer League Partners

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing partners and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us!

    Sponsored by US Club Soccer

    US Club Soccer

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    Sponsored by Soccer Pro

    Soccer Pro

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    A huge thank you to our local and neighboring businesses for fundraising with us.  We THANK YOU for your continued support!