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    DUSL Recognition Dinner

    DUSL will host the 2019 end of season recognition dinner on Saturday January 11th at 7pm

    Come join us for a night of drinking, dining, and dancing as we recognize a terrific year of soccer.  Some of the awards that we will recognize include:  

    • Volunteer of the Year
    • Competitive Coach of the Year
    • Recreational Coach of the Year
    • Team Manager of the Year
    • Referee of the Year

    Tickets are $40 per person.  Each table can hold 8 people for dinner ,so grab some friends and purchase a table! 100% of any profits from the event will go to the DUSL Financial Aid Scholarship program.  The event will include a complete dinner, a cash bar for drinks, and a disc jockey playing your favorite dance music.

    If you had a great coach you want to reward, why not purchase two tickets for that coach and their guest to the event? 

    Field directors and the BOD have submitted names for the awards and we will recognize them at the event.  

    You must purchase your tickets in advance by following the below link and directions. 




    Registration for the 2019 Annual Dinner is done through GotSoccer. All Attendees are required to register and purchase tickets on-line.

    Step 1:  Access “2019 Dublin United Soccer Annual Dinner” via GotSoccer (use link below)


    If you are an existing DUSL program member (Premier, Junior Shamrocks, Rec program members), do the following:

    1. Enter “Username”; Enter “Password”; Login (see Step 2 or 3)
    2. If you have forgotten your username and password, please contact me at and I can provide you with that information. If you are a returner, please do not create a new profile, as that will create additional cleanup on our end.

    Step 2:  Register an Existing Player- Family Account

    1. Login to your Family Account in GotSoccer.
    2. A table of your family members will appear: If you are on the 2019/2020 Competitive Registration page then click the "Register Now" link located below the player you wish to register. Otherwise, Click “View Available Programs”, select “2019 Dublin United Soccer Annual Dinner” and then "Register Now" link located below the player you wish to register.
    3. Please read carefully so you are registering for the correct DUSL program (2019 Dublin United Soccer Annual Dinner)
    4. The Registration form should appear (Step 2 of 4).
    5. Fill in the information in the 4-step process and select the number of tickets you would like to purchase.

    Step 3:  Register an Existing Player: Individual Account

    1. From the link above, login to your Individual User Account in GotSoccer.
    2. The Registration form should appear (Step 2 of 4).
    3. Fill in information in the 4-step process and select the number of tickets you would like to purchase.




    Congratulations 2019 Recreational League All-Stars 1st and 2nd Teams

    Congratulations to the 99 players that were selected to the first team All- Star rosters. You had a great season and we look forward to seeing you at the All-Star camps and All-Star training sessions. 

    Boys 1st Team DUSL All-Stars   Girls 1st Team DUSL All-Stars
    Player Name   Player Name  
    Mansour Dadgar Rec 2004 B Zoe Esquivel Rec 2004 G
    Jason Loo Rec 2004 B Elizabeth kremer Rec 2004 G
    Zarian Petithomme Rec 2004 B Jasleen Mahal Rec 2004 G
    Lance Vater Rec 2004 B Ava Varo Rec 2004 G
    Thomas Clesen Rec 2005 B Gabriella Avelar Rec 2006 G
    Michael Hong Rec 2005 B Shannon McCormack Rec 2006 G
    Kyle Huang Rec 2005 B Sydney Muther Rec 2006 G
    Samuel Wu Rec 2005 B Morgan Overton Rec 2006 G
    Jonathan Adrian Rec 2006 B Sienna Cuebas Rec 2007 G
    Leopold Barton Rec 2006 B Natasha Lijesen Rec 2007 G
    Eian Drinkwater Rec 2006 B Anna Schulz Rec 2007 G
    Benjamin Pham Rec 2006 B Skye Van Overbeke Rec 2007 G
    Troy Dulaney Rec 2007 B Girls 1st Team DUSL All- Stars
    Ketan Kumar Rec 2007 B Player Name  
    Satvik Marthi Rec 2007 B Arianna Cooper Rec 2008 G
    James Smith Rec 2007 B Lea Gutierrez Rec 2008 G
    Boys 1st Team DUSL All- Stars Katy Keller Rec 2008 G
    Player Name   Winter Aniszewski Rec 2008 G
    Ryan Carrillo Rec 2008 B Lexi Esquivel Rec 2008 G
    Praveen Elenchezhean Rec 2008 B Valentina Padilla Rec 2008 G
    Jorge Martinez-Fernandez Rec 2008 B Lyla Bowen Rec 2009 G
    Giovanni DeMarco Rec 2008 B Emmalyn Myers Rec 2009 G
    Rohan Dutta Rec 2008 B Sinaya Tripplett Rec 2009 G
    Umer Rahman Rec 2008 B Rhea Ghosh Rec 2009 G
    Wyland Kodam Rec 2008 B Addison Taylor Rec 2009 G
    Sahsha Sodha Rec 2008 B Ananya Vadivelan Rec 2009 G
    Jacob Toler Rec 2008 B Emily Barnes Rec 2009 G
    Caton Lawrence Rec 2009 B Payton Horikoshi Rec 2009 G
    Jaiden Robinson Rec 2009 B Shelby Ting Rec 2009 G
    Dallas Voyce Rec 2009 B Girls 1st Team DUSL All- Stars
    Yuuya Lau Rec 2009 B Player Name  
    Jinsung park Rec 2009 B Juliana Martinez Rec 2010 G
    Vihan Pillay Rec 2009 B Eliana Panduro Rec 2010 G
    Sam Bruland Rec 2009 B Ashley Adajar Rec 2010 G
    Cason Hill Rec 2009 B Mia Vallas Rec 2010 G
    Luke Hoshi Rec 2009 B arshia sharda Rec 2010 G
    Boys 1st Team DUSL All- Stars Genevieve Yap Rec 2010 G
    Player Name   genevieve duncalf Rec 2011 G
    Aaron Hanstedt Rec 2010 B Laura Khouri Rec 2011 G
    Bryce Hanstedt Rec 2010 B Abigail Cotton Rec 2011 G
    Andrew Gehrke Rec 2010 B Aubree Hauzer Rec 2011 G
    Cameron Robinson Rec 2010 B aleena khaleq Rec 2011 G
    Xzavier Monnastes Rec 2010 B Evangelina Perkiss Rec 2011 G
    Michael Vallas Rec 2010 B Mishka Agrawal Rec 2011 G
    Cameron Genest Rec 2010 B Estelle Booth Rec 2011 G
    Eli Gutierrez Rec 2010 B      
    Giovanni DiVecchio Rec 2011 B      
    Masi Shirgul Rec 2011 B      
    Noah Mohseni Rec 2011 B      
    Diego Ojeda Rec 2011 B      
    Kyle Nielsen Rec 2011 B      
    Preston Silva Rec 2011 B      
    Cooper Nelson Rec 2011 B      
    Kalio Rojas Rec 2011 B      
    Oliver HIll Rec 2011 B      
    Nicholas Palfin Rec 2011 B      
    Ethan Huen Rec 2011 B      
    Jameson Myers Rec 2011 B      
    derek cai Rec 2011 B      
    Arhan Saha Rec 2011 B      
    Angel-Julian Mendoza 11B Elite      
    Nolan Dumon 11B Elite      







    The 2019 Dublin Cup Schedule is Listed below

    2019 Recreational League Dublin Cup

    Our annual Dublin Cup will be held the weekend of November 16th and 17th.  Awards will be presented for 1st and 2ndPlace, as well as having the results posted to the DUSL Website.


    Participating Teams

    U9 Boys – 8 teams (8 team bracket)

    U10 Boys – 4 teams (4 team bracket)

    U11 Boys – 3 teams (round robin)

    U12 Boys – 3 teams (round robin)

    U13 Boys vs U14 Boys (one match)

    U15 Boys vs U16 Boys (one match)


    U9 Girls – 4 teams (4 team bracket)

    U10 Girls – 3 teams (round robin)

    U11 Girls – 3 teams (round robin)

    U12 Girls – 2 teams (one match)

    U13 Girls vs U14 Girls (one match)


    We are in the process of creating the schedules, which will be pushed out via email and posted to our website.  More on this to follow.


    Girls Soccer World Wide Participate in DUSL Fall Classic

    During the 2019 DUSL Fall Classic, Girls Soccer Worldwide set up canopies to collect soccer gear for kids in need, and distributed information on how you can help this terrific organization. You will see additional partnership from DUSL and Girls Soccer Worldwide in the coming years and we ask that all DUSL members donate to this incredibly important organization. 

    Force Field Head Bands Website

    If you are interested in ordering protective headbands for your player, please visit the Force Field website

    Congratulations 2006B are Dublin Cup Champs

    DSG All Abilities Playground Under Construction

    Pardon Our Dust

    The City of Dublin is investing money into a terrific project for the kids of Dublin.

    The Dublin city council recently approved funding a $4 million facility  project, which includes a "All-Abilities" playground, and "All-Inclusive" picnic area. This much needed project will allow all children with disabilities, the same access to playground structures, as all other children

    This facility broke ground this week at Dublin Sports Ground and should be completed sometime in 2020. During the construction phase, DUSL members will be slightly inconvenienced with access to DSG fields. The access to all DSG fields will be available but may cause DUSL members to walk around fenced in construction zones. 

    Please pardon our dust while the city builds this much needed facility. 

    Game Film DUSL "08" Boys vs Heritage

    Watch our DUSL boys play Heritage on YouTube!

    DUSL Marketing


    Dublin United Soccer League Partners

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing partners and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us!

    Sponsored by US Club Soccer

    US Club Soccer

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Soccer Pro

    Soccer Pro

    Visit Website

    A huge thank you to our local and neighboring businesses for fundraising with us.  We THANK YOU for your continued support!