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    It's that time of the year that DUSL begins our new season, and we have volunteer needs for those of you that want to fulfill your volunteer hours early. 

    Every family has the opportunity to get their 2019 $150 volunteer deposit back by simply volunteering 6 hours. The qualifying volunteer opportunities are listed on the volunteer tab of our website. 

    Our first big opportunity is the 2019 Player Placement event coming up  April 29 - May 9. We need 20-30 volunteers to help with player check-in, field set up, parent control, and cleanup. If you are interested in fulfilling your hours, please send an email to and let us know what days and hours you can work. All shifts will be 3 or 6 hour shifts. 

    New this year is the reimbursement process. Once parents have completely paid for registration, and have fulfilled volunteer hours requirements, we will issue a volunteer fee reimbursement check. No more waiting until the end of the year to get your volunteer reimbursement. 

    Sign up now to volunteer for Player Placements, WE NEED YOU!


    Spirit Day Winners

    DUSL just had spirit day and we had an amazing show of spirit in all of our local schools. Dougherty, Fredericksen, John Green, Wells, and Quarry Lane were all represented! 
    Recreational, Select and Competitive players all showcased their spirit by wearing jerseys, warm ups, tee shirts, hoodies, shorts and bottoms all with DUSL logos on them..And we received some TERRIFIC pictures from our amazing players. We selected SPIRIT winners from the pool of pictures that we received from our membership. 

    Congratulations to our 18 Winners for wearing the DUSL gear to school and submitting the BEST photo's. Each winner will be issued a ForceField DUSL headgear unit valued at $50. Congratulations.


    First  Last
    Kavan Bhatt
    Connor Callan
    Allison Callan
    Giovanni  DiVecchio
    Gabriel Garcia
    David Garcia
    Austin Janakes
    Colton Kramer
    Kierra Kramer
    Vinny Miller
    Leo Miller
    Dominic Miller
    Josh  Nielsen
    Kyle Nielsen
    Mriganka Patil
    Ishan Raj Kamisetty
    Brandon Shumylo
    Ryan Shumylo

    DUSL Releases Competitive Player Placement Dates

    All players that desire placement on competitive teams must attend placements dates as listed below

    Fallon  Sports Park Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
    Field 3 & 4 April 29 April 30 May 1 May 2
    5:30-6:45 2011 Girls 2011 Boys 2011 Girls 2011 Boys
      2010 Girls 2010 Boys 2010 Girls 2010 Boys
      2009 Girls 2009 Boys 2009 Girls 2009 Boys
    7:15-8:30 2008 Girls 2008 Boys 2008 Girls 2008 Boys
      2007 Girls 2007 Boys 2007 Girls 2007 Boys
      2006 Girls 2006 Boys 2006 Girls 2006 Boys
    Fallon Sports Park Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
    Field 3 & 4 May 6 May 7 May 8 May 9
    5:30-6:45 2005 Girls 2005 Boys 2005 Girls 2005 Boys
      2004 Girls 2004 Boys 2004 Girls 2004 Boys
      2003 Girls 2003 Boys 2003 Girls 2003 Boys
      2002 Girls 2002 Boys 2002 Girls 2002 Boys
      2001 Girls 2001 Boys 2001 Girls 2001 Boys

    Introducing the 2019 SELECT program

    DUSL is proud to announce the introduction of an additional competitive program....The DUSL "SELECT" program

    The "SELECT" program is designed to fill the needs of several players and teams looking for more than the recreational program can offer. Objectives include

    • Offer a program for recreational players ready to transition to a more competitive environment, with more coaching, training, and higher level of competition.
    • Offer a program for players that are not yet ready to play at the competitive level but want a competitive environment.
    • Offer a solution for players not selected for a competitive team.
    • Offer a solution for players that have other spring commitments, preventing them from playing on a DUSL competitive team. 

    The Select program details 

    • Have two practices a week.
    • Play at a Nickel or Bronze Level of competition against neighboring clubs affiliated with Nor Cal and Cal North
    • Play in the DUSL Shamrock tournament. Additional tournaments may be played depending on the teams request.
    • Practice at Fallon Sports park for better development of technical skills (pending availability).
    • Be trained by professional DUSL coaches. 
    • If Parent coaches wish to coach Select teams, they will need to be trained by DUSL staff.
    • All players/teams that wish to participate in the 2019 SELECT program MUST attend the DUSL player placements. 

    At player placements we will determine if we have enough players to form SELECT teams for each age group. 

    Should you have additional questions, please contact our director of Competitive Programs Scott Berglin


    A Message From NorCal Referee Association

    DUSL Members

    This week DUSL, along with all other NorCal clubs, received the following email from our referee association. It outlines concern over the use of profanity during matches. These incidents include curse words, words attacking ethnicity, and religion. Rightfully so, NorCal has decided to immediately address any issues going forward, by issuing "Red Cards" on the FIRST violation without warning. It is our expectation that all players, coaches, spectators, refrain from using any derogatory words during matches. Historically DUSL has been a shining example of how to play, coach, and watch soccer matches with integrity and professionalism, but we need to remind everyone that the consequences can be severe. That you for your continued support. 

    James Fulwiler

    DUSL General Manager

    NorCal DOCs, Presidents, Coaches & Team Managers, 

    This message is to update you that the CNRA (California North Referee Administration), who is responsible for the licensing, education & management of our referees in Northern California, are taking a "Zero Tolerance" stance towards foul & abusive language as part of their drive to increase respect within the beautiful game. This move towards stronger enforcement of the existing laws of the game, and ensuring that respect and enjoyment for all is the first priority at each soccer game is something that is fully supported by NorCal Premier Soccer. 

    Please ensure that your players & families are fully aware of this updated approach, and that referees have been instructed to take a zero tolerance approach towards foul and abusive language on the field, in any language. 

    Many thanks, 

    NorCal Premier Soccer



    NorCal DOCs, Presidentes, Coaches/Técnicos y Managers de Equipos: 

    Este mensaje es para informarles que CNRA (Administración de Arbitros del Norte de California), responsible de la certificación, educación y administración de árbitros en el Norte de California, ha decidido tomar la posición de "Tolerancia Cero" en relación con faltas y abusos verbales como parte de su intención de incrementar el respeto dentro de marco del hermoso juego de fútbol. Esta posición hacia una aplicación más estricta de las leyes de juego existentes y la convicción de que el respeto y el disfrutar para todos los participantes es la prioridad número uno en cada partido de fútbol es algo que NorCal Premier Soccer apoya total e incondicionalmente. 

    Por favor, asegúrese que sus jugadores y familias están al tanto de esta renovada posición y que los árbitros han sido instruídos para tener una "tolerancia cero" en relación con faltas y abusos verbales en cualquier idioma en el campo de juego. 

    Muchas gracias, 

    NorCal Premier Soccer


    General Managers' Message - Why We Coach

    Today I went early to Fallon Sports Park to set up the field for a training session with my DUSL Team. As I sat in my car I noticed three young men in their mid twenties, laying on the ground, on field #3. After a couple minutes they got up, passed a couple soccer balls around and took shots on goal. Clearly these young men had played soccer before and they still had a love for the game. 

    In the heat of the spring day, they spent an hour being young people, just socializing and kicking a soccer ball. I didn't want to disrupt them, but I had to start setting up the field for my training session.

    As I got my gear, I walked toward the field and the group of young men noticed. They started to gather their gear to exit the field so I could take over.

    One of the young men started to walk toward me. He was 6'2", looked about 25-27 years old, very strong (clearly a weight lifter), and was shirtless. I didn't know what to expect as he approached.

    Then I heard him say "Coach James?"...I looked confused, and he could tell by my expression I didn't know who he was. He said "it's me Matt".  My heart immediately warmed as I realized it was Matt (Matty) Samaro. He had grown so much. He was taller, stronger, facial features more defined, but underneath I could still see the kid in him. 

    You see, in 2013/2014 I had the privilege to coach Matt at Dublin High School. He was a DUSL alumni and he set an indelible footprint in local soccer folklore. That year, Dublin High School made an unforgettable run in the annual North Coast Section playoffs, battling Hercules High School to bring the SECOND NCS championship home to Dublin. This team was filled with DUSL players and once again Dublin was an underdog. 

    The match finished regulation in a 2-2 tie, and after two high intensity extra periods produced a stalemate, the match went to Penalty kicks. 

    Matt Samaro was a small player. He wasn't particularly fast, tall or strong. However Matt was a soccer technician with great touch, passing skills, vision, with soccer intelligence. He was quiet, but dominated the ball when he had it. I selected Matt to be the fourth kicker in our first five penalty kick line up.

    As destiny would have it, when Matt walked up to the penalty mark, he found himself with the opportunity to win the championship for DHS if he made his shot.....

    As I talked to Matt, I learned that he had just graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in pre-medicine and was home visiting his terrific family. He also has been accepted to Indiana University for medical school. Matt was well spoken, intelligent and had his upcoming life plans clearly laid out. While Matt was updating me I found myself reminiscing on his soccer years, and I was so proud to hear that we have another DUSL/DHS soccer player, that has grown to be a highly functional, respectable, and intelligent young man. Knowing that our community, our sport, our coaches and our DUSL soccer club has had a small part in this young mans development, means we made a difference.

    That is why we coach.


    Back to that NCS penalty kick....Click the link below to see what happened when Matt took his kick.

    All the Best

    James Fulwiler

    DUSL Official's Course Offering

    DUSL will be hosting a Referee Course for all interested members that wish to become NorCal referees. its a terrific opportunity to get a referee license, officiate a couple matches, earn extra money or just learn the rules of the game. Details are:

    • Saturday May 4 (Classroom) 9am - 4pm (one hour Lunch)
    • Sunday May 5 (field evaluation) 9am - 12pm
    • 4100 1St street Pleasanton Ca. (Rock Bible Church Meeting Room)
    • Course # 29274

    We invite ALL interested members of all ages to attend. For questions email


    Gofundme for Isabella Collins

    Click here to support a helping hand for Bella and Amy Collins. Bella is a long time DUSL player going through a challenging time. Please visit the GoFundMe website for more details and to donate!!

    Recreational Coaches & Team Managers Meeting #2

    DUSL will host the second Recreational Coaches and Team Managers meeting on Friday April 26th from 7pm - 9pm at the Dublin City Hall Regional Room.

    Spirit Day is TODAY!

    Today is DUSL Spirit Day and RILEY is working his DUSL Jersey! Someone take him for a walk!

    SPIRIT Day is TODAY!

    Giovanni DiVecchio is off and running to Dougherty elementary in his DUSL Gear...

    Spirit Day is TODAY!

    Connor Callan and Colton Kramer are rolling to  Fredericksen Elementary school in DUSL Gear. Only questions is....What is going on with the Dodger Blue cap?

    Spirit Day is TODAY!

    Brandon and Ryan Shumylo are starting their day at John Green Elementary and they are rocking out in DUSL Spirit gear!

    Spirit Day is TODAY!

    Today is DUSL Spirit Day and Allison Callan & Kierra Kramer are representing Fredericksen Elementary in their DUSL Spirit wear!

    Spirit Day is TODAY!

    Spirit Day is today and DUSL is represented at John Green Elementrary by  Ishan Raj Kamisetty 

    Spirit Day is TODAY!

    Today is Spirit Day and Mriganka Patil is rocking DUSL Spirit at. Quarry Lane Pre School!

    Spirit Day is TODAY!

    Today is Spirit Day and Kavan Bhatt is showing DUSL Spirit at Dougherty Elementary

    SPIRIT Day is TODAY!

    Today is Spirit Day and the "06" Girls, "07" Elite girls and "07 Boys" bring a STRONG DUSL SHOWING at Wells Middle school

    SPIRIT Day is TODAY!

    Today is Spirit Day, and Vinny, Leo and Dominic Miller are representing Dublin Elementary and DUSL proudly at Starbucks!


    Spirit Day is TODAY!

    Today is Spirit Day. Brothers, Gabriel and David Garcia  are ready to show their DUSL spirit together!

    Spirit Day is TODAY!

    Josh and Kyle Nielsen showing DUSL spirit

    Spirit day is TODAY!

    Spirit Day is here and Dougherty is represented by Austin Janakes

    DUSL Spirit Day

    Tomorrow is DUSL Spirit Day!

    Wednesday April 17th will officially be DUSL Spirit Day. On this day, we ask ALL DUSL players to wear their DUSL gear/jerseys to school.

    We want our Recreational and competitive players to wear our branded gear to school, to show spirit for the longest existing youth sports club, in the city of Dublin. Parents, coaches and members, you can participate as well, by wearing DUSL gear to your WORK or just wear it all day.

    Send us your pictures and we will post it on the DUSL website, giving a prize to the "Most Spirited Picture".  To participate, send your pictures of you wearing DUSL gear to school or work to by no later than Friday April 19.

    DUSL Marketing


    Dublin United Soccer League Partners

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing partners and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us!

    Sponsored by US Club Soccer

    US Club Soccer

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Whole Foods Market

    Whole Foods Market

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Soccer Pro

    Soccer Pro

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

    Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

    Visit Website

    A huge thank you to our local and neighboring businesses for fundraising with us.  We THANK YOU for your continued support!

    Sponsored by Chipotle Mexican Grill

    Chipotle Mexican Grill

    Visit Website

    Doing good with burritos!

    7020 Amador Plaza Road, Dublin
    Sponsored by On The Border

    On The Border

    Visit Website

    OTB Gives Back!

    4940 Dublin Blvd. Dublin CA
    Sponsored by Dos Coyotes Border Cafe

    Dos Coyotes Border Cafe

    Visit Website

    Dine & Donate!

    3191 Crow Canyon Pl Suite L, San Ramon, CA
    Sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings

    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Visit Website

    Eat Wings, Raise Funds!

    3712 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568