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    DUSL Hires a Director of Officials

    Leo Pacheco

    DUSL is proud to announce the hiring of Leo Pacheco into the newly created position of Director of Officials for DUSL.

    Leo will be responsible for all day to day operations of the DUSL officials. He will report to the club General Manager and will continue to guide the evolution of DUSL officials , while helping to create strategic plans for the future of DUSL  

    Congratulations Leo 

    Example 2019 GotSoccer DUSL Recreational Schedules Screen

    Example 2019 GotSoccer DUSL Recreational Schedules Screen

    DUSL Recreational Schedules 2019

    Example GotSoccer Recreational Results Screen

    Example GotSoccer Recreational Results Screen

    In our continuing effort to provide more technically advanced processes for all DUSL players, we have decided to transition our recreational schedules to a more detailed and automated system. 

    We have worked relentlessly to move all schedules to the GotSoccer platform. This will now give all coaches, the ability to see updated schedules, match details, and rankings. This is the same platform that manages all Norcal teams, and DUSL currently uses this platform for all competitive and Select teams.

    In the first time in DUSL history, we will now have all players in DUSL, regardless of playing level, using the same process and platform for matches, schedules and rankings.

    It will take us a couple weeks to get all the details finalized, but it is a huge step forward for our recreational program. 

    2019 DUSL Recreational Kit

    2019 DUSL Recreational Kit

    2019 Recreational Uniforms Are Here

    In our continued effort to improve and modernize the DUSL uniform process, we have converted all recreational uniforms to a High 5 kit. We ordered over 700 uniforms this year using an automated process, and a new vendor and retailer.

    The uniform sizes are ordered based on what parents request when they register their player. 

    Uniforms are now in. If you are a recreational team manager, all uniforms for your team may be picked up at Soccer Pro. Here are some helpful guidelines to assist you in the process.

    • Team managers or Coaches can now pick up all the uniforms for the their entire recreational team at Soccer Pro. Parents CAN NOT pick up uniforms individually at Soccer Pro
    • The uniform bags that Soccer Pro will issue to each team manager, has not only the uniforms, but also a roster attached to it. The roster ( See Attached Roster Picture) will assign each player on that team, a specific number and detail the size that is to be given to that specific player. The sizes issued are the sizes requested by parents when they registered their player.  For example; Player John Smith #12, Medium bottoms, medium tops, medium socks. Uniforms must be distributed exactly as outlined on the roster that comes with the uniforms. 
    • Uniforms numbers are not selectable. DUSL has issued numbers for every player. Do not allow players to grab uniforms based on numbers or sizes.
    • No names are on the uniforms. There are thousands of names, and spelling these names correctly would be a huge undertaking filled with potential errors. For this reason DUSL does NOT put last names on uniforms. If a team wishes to add names, it must be done for every player on the team, and at the parents personal expense. We do not want some of the players to have names on uniforms and some players to not have names on uniforms. We don't want any player feeling left out. Our recommendation is that you do NOT have names placed on uniforms. 

    Force Field Head Bands Website

    If you are interested in ordering protective headbands for your player, please visit the Force Field website

    Coaches Training - Concussion Protocol

    DUSL hosted a training seminar last night for coaches that are interested in improving their knowledge and effectiveness as coaches. 

    Last night we trained over 40 coaches on recognizing concussions, and concussion protocol. World renowned neurologists Dr Carl Abraham was on site at the DUSL office to lead the training and discussion. Thank you to all the coaches that attended and participated in this training.


    2019 Q3 GM Message

    Finally, we are back from our spring break and so many exciting things are happening. 

    This week after 51 years, DUSL has opened its first ever club office. This office will be used for team meetings, coaches trainings, board meetings, referee trainings, club meetings and many other events. The club has worked extremely hard to locate an office that was highly affordable, located in an area that is accessible for all members, and can be used for multi purposes. Thank you to our friend, former State Assemblyman Guy Houston for helping us locate this site. Also many thanks to local members for donating their time and trade skills to help renovate the office. 

    Competitive and Select teams are back practicing. Twenty coaches are rostered to work with this years select and competitive teams. Its exciting to see the blend of new and tenured coaches working with our players. Lets Go DUSL!

    We have joined into a partnership with "Girls Soccer Worldwide" an organization dedicated to the leadership development of female soccer players. Be on the lookout for articles and events from this terrific organization and its potential for female DUSL players. 

    Our DUSL Shamrock Tournament is only 3 weeks away. It's one of the final opportunities for families to fill their volunteer hours for 2019. Please hit the volunteer tab, and use the "DIBS" program to lock in your volunteer time during this soccer tournament. We have over 110 teams coming to Dublin to play soccer, and we need as many volunteers as we can get, to run an effective tournament. SIGN UP NOW!

    Coaches training. DUSL is committed to the training and development of our coaches. For the past several weeks, and going forward, DUSL is running coaching clinics for all recreational and competitive coaches. Our directors and General Manager will be training the coaches on many concepts and ideas to run highly effective training sessions with players. We hope that exposing our coaches to different ideas and philosophies, will help  the coaches change training sessions into more effective and impactful sessions. 

    We are looking for referees. There is a lot of money to be made, suntans to capture, and fun to be had. All you have to do is take a referee class, and sign up to referee a couple games. Thats it...We pay you for your time, you get out in the sun and exercise, and our kids get to have matches with referees. Stay tuned to our website for the next available class coming soon. 

    65 teams and over 700 players were placed on recreational  teams, and practices begin next week for our recreational league. DUSL would like to thank the 2019 Selection committee, comprised of Board members, coaches, directors, and team moms for their countless hours put into the team selection process. Great Job Team!

    It's an exciting year for DUSL and we hope each family gets out to watch some matches and enjoy the beautiful game played by terrific kids.

    All the best

    James Fulwiler

    "02" Boys Take 2nd Place

    DUSL "02" Boys played a tournament in Roseville Ca this weekend and took 2nd place. Strong performance from Mitchell Morrison, Cy Alarcon, and JJ Cohen all contributed to a great tournament showing this weekend. 

    Email Communication

    Please pardon the we upgrade our email systems. Over the course of last week and going forward for the next two weeks, DUSL will be working on the email system that we currently use. This may cause a delay in some email communications to our members. If you have an urgent matter feel free to call any field director by phone or text. Contact information can be found on the "Contact Us" tab at the top off our home page.

    Please bare with us as we improve our systems, and we thank you for your support.. 


    DUSL women's head coach Amber King has been hired as the new Women's Varsity Soccer Head Coach at Dublin High School. This promotion continues the long term DUSL strategy of aligning soccer resources in the city of Dublin, to provide a fluid and continuous soccer experience for our players. We are very excited to see DHS and DUSL aligned in our soccer vision and want to congratulate Amber King for her assignment. 

    Please join us in wishing her the very best in her new position. 

    Where in the world is DUSL?

    DUSL represented at PGA West in Palm Springs

    The month of June is our cooling off period for all DUSL players. We urge families to take a break, take family vacations and spend the start of summer relaxing before the teams come together in July, to begin competitive and recreational soccer play. 

    We realize that most families take vacations, mini vacations, weekend getaways or just extended trips during this period of the year, and we want to be included...

    Introducing the 2019 "Where in the World is DUSL"  contest. As you take your vacations we would love to see where you are, and what you're doing. To participate all you have to do is:

    • Take a selfie with any DUSL gear on.
    • Try to include an image that symbolize's where you are. If you're at Yosemite put trees in the background, Las Vegas? show the hotels. Cabo? Let's see some sand. Paris? Eiffel Tower would be nice. Bakersfield? How about the Buck Owens Crystal Palace?
    • It doesn't matter where you go. It can be around the Bay Area, in California, in other states, or in other countries. We just want to see our DUSL gear worn with pride at your destination location.

    Submit pictures to by July 6th 2019 to be considered. Winners will receive prizes so don't delay, send us these pictures right away. 

    DUSL Alumni Still Representing

    Former DUSL players took part in a beach soccer tournament at Santa Cruz this month. Alumni including Yusef Hamidi, Josh Mendoza, Tony Castillo, Cole Heinbaugh and others played in the annual Snata Cruz Beach Soccer tournament and they still make our retro jerseys look good!

    DSG Field Numbers Map

    2019 Recreational DSG Field Numbers Map

    Have you seen the new DUSL office?

    2019 DUSL Shamrock

    Recreational Meeting #5 for all Rec Coaches, Rec Asst. Coaches and Rec Team Managers

    DUSL will be hosting the 5th meeting for all Recreational Coaches, Recreational Asst. coaches and Recreational team managers. 


    Wednesday, August 14th

    7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

    DUSL Club Office - 6950 Village Parkway, Dublin, CA 94568

    Where in the World is DUSL? Elizabeth Uyttewaal 2010G is at Rubicon Train in Lake Tahoe

    Where in the World is DUSL? 2007G Hailee MacLean is at Carmel Ca. with her family

    Where in the World is DUSL?

    Where in the World is DUSL? Elizabeth Uyttewaal 2010G is at Yosemite National Park

    Where in the World is DUSL? Coach Darrel is at Boise State Idaho proudly wearing their DUSL Gear!

    Where in the World is DUSL? Georgia and Liam in Merridean, Idaho proudly wearing their DUSL Gear!

    Where in the World is DUSL? Josh Mendoza, Tony Castillo, Yusef Hamidi are in Santa Cruz wearing DUSL gear!

    DUSL Marketing


    Dublin United Soccer League Partners

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing partners and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us!

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    A huge thank you to our local and neighboring businesses for fundraising with us.  We THANK YOU for your continued support!